There’s never a bad time to have the furnace in your Athens, OH home professionally inspected. Furnace inspections allow HVAC technicians to identify and correct minor, localized issues before they impact other components or system functions. These timely interventions keep small problems from spiraling out of control. In some instances, having your furnace inspected can even prevent outright system failure. For routine furnace inspections, fall is generally the best time to schedule an appointment.

Your Furnace Needs Annual Maintenance

Whether you schedule it in fall or at any other time of year, your furnace needs annual maintenance. Scheduling inspection and tune-up service each year is vital for preserving your manufacturer warranty and any other furnace protections that are provided by your home insurance plan or home service agreement.

Optimize the Efficiency of Your Furnace Before Winter

When scheduled in late fall, furnace inspection and tune-up services prime heaters for the challenges that they’re bound to face when outside temperatures plummet. When our technicians spot loose, damaged, or excessively worn parts during these inspections, we make the needed corrections right away.

During these visits, we also find and remove airflow obstructions, make sure that thermostats have appropriate locations, and check the efficacy of venting systems. These and other measures minimize the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, ensure even and consistent heating, and boost the overall safety and reliability of furnaces.

Prevent Home Heating Emergencies

Late fall and early winter furnace inspections are also essential for preventing home heating emergencies. If you wait for the very first cold day to arrive before turning your furnace on and testing it, you might find that your furnace is not heating your home adequately or is no longer working at all. Fall inspections will help sidestep unfortunate surprises like these.

Residents of Athens, OH can count on us for expert furnace maintenance, repair, installation, and inspection services. We also offer air conditioner, duct cleaning, and air quality services. To schedule an appointment, call David White Services today.

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